December Social Ride – Pineys

Our final social ride for the year will return to the fabled Pineys on Sunday 13 December to explore some old favourites and some new additions. Local ‘trail fairies’ have been beavering away over the past few months to reconstruct some trails and create some new challenges.

Please note that the Pineys trails are among the most technical in the Castlemaine region, featuring lots of steep climbs and descents, plenty of tree roots, technical components and some significant rock features. A 20km ride in the Pineys is equivalent to at least 30km around the Baco trails. As such this social ride will be geared to riders with good technical skills. We will however offer two groups to cater for faster and slower pace riders.

Based on current Covid-19 restrictions each riding group will be limited to ten riders.

We will assemble at 9:00am at the Theatre Royal to ride out to Colles Road and warm up the legs before tackling the Pineys trails.

You will need to be a technically competent rider with good fitness level; the riding distance will be around 20km with a duration of 2.5 to 3 hours. As with all Rocky Riders’ trips, you need to bring your own food, water, spare parts and have a bike in good repair.