November Social Ride – Poverty Gully

Our monthly social rides continue this month with an exploration of the Poverty Gully region, including some of the historic water races. This area provides a good sample of classic Castlemaine singletrack, along with some superb relics of the gold rush era. Luke Stevens knows these trails intimately and will lead the group.

Depending on numbers and experience of riders we may be able to break the group into two to cater for a slower paced group.

Either way you can expect a ride of 20 plus kms over some varied terrain, with a duration of around two and a half hours. The ride will depart from the Theatre Royal at 9am on Sunday 8 November.

As usual, bring your own food, water, spare parts, and have a bike in good repair. An MTBA Day Licence can be purchased on the day at a cost of $10 (adults) or $7 (juniors) if riders wish, or you can sign a waiver to ride at your own risk.