Latest from La Larr Ba Gauwa Park

It’s been a cracker of an opening week at La Larr Ba Gauwa Park, with beautiful weather, fabulous trails and heaps of riders (from beginners all the way up to experts). Even if you have managed to conquer all of the trails there is still scope to try some alternative features or just improve your lines and times.

Just remember a few key guidelines for your use of the Park:

Park your car on High Street opposite the Harcourt CFA Station. Then cycle to La Larr Ba Gauwa Park via the off-road path that runs alongside Market Street and Picnic Gully Road. This path will take you straight to the Trail Head (it’s also a lovely cruisey way to finish off your ride). There are no parking facilities for bike riders at the Trail Head or in the Oak Forest.

Be aware of the weekend weather conditions and plan your ride accordingly. A total fire ban has been declared for the North Central Fire District on Saturday. The Park will remain open unless a Code Red alert is issued.

Make sure you have plenty of water with you before you leave Harcourt as there is no drinking water at the Park.

Make the most of the La Larr Ba Gauwa experience.