Brendon Munge – rider profile

ntName – Brendon Munge

ntProfession – Lecturer in Outdoor & Environmental Education @ La Trobe University Bendigo

ntUphill or Downhill? Uphill, it’s my chance to get a break before the big boys come flying past on the downhill

ntMost epic day on a bike? Wild side 2002 last stage. Race took us down across the sand dunes and then along the beach with a cracking headwind and I found myself only going backwards. Got off the beach an up in the hills, tried to get a jump on a group in a downhill section only to find myself over cooking the corner and ending up in the blackberries, suffice to say the group went on and I limped the last 20ks into town. Overall a great stage race but took sometime to get over the last day.


ntI’m currently riding… Giant anthem x1 from 2009. Bought as an engagement present. Just had a complete overhaul in prep for the wembo 24hr. Some say mates don’t let mates ride giants but until a mate gives me a better bike I’m content with what I’ve got.

ntFavourite trails (other than Castlemaine) – Always happy to go back to Mount Beauty and nail cann in Albury, as it’s where I first started riding. Time spent riding nice trails in SW WA are also highlights.

ntIf I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be… camping

ntOne day I’ll ride… some great trails in NZ, US or Canada.

ntWhen I head out for a ride I never leave without… The thought that this is so much better then doing work

ntMy race highlight – 2 races actually stand out. One is finding Nick Byrnes under a tree in a 80k stage in Alice Springs and then proceeding to team time trial it for the last 40ks and having a great time or the recent 6hr in Wagga with my mate Dixon riding the race solo together laughing at each other’s crashes and smashing each other up on the ups and the downs. I would love to claim some big wins but the wins to date are the times with mates.