Bendigo 2 Wheel Academy Scholarships

A number of our younger members have participated in the Bendigo 2 Wheel Academy in the past few years and have reported very favourably on the quality of this coaching program and the opportunities it has presented. The Club is keen to facilitate new pathways for our junior riders to progress within the sport, especially in response to the level of participation and enthusiasm shown in the summer Dirt Crits series.

nFor the 2020/21 Bendigo 2 Wheel Academy program the Rocky Riders will be offering up to three scholarships to enrol and participate in the program. Each scholarship will cover the cost of registration in the Academy program (approximately $225 per rider). Registration is open to active mountain bike riders in the 10 to 14 year old age bracket. This level of the program covers weekly coaching and skills clinics held in Bendigo on Sunday mornings from July to March. Other coaching and training opportunities are available for riders wanting to compete at a higher level.

nParticipation in the 2 Wheel Academy does require a solid commitment to attend the skills sessions and the support of parents or family members who can provide the necessary transport etc. Equally mountain biking should be considered as your primary sport in order to minimise conflicts with other activities. A good quality mountain bike and riding gear is also required (the Club may be able to assist with upgrades of equipment if required).

nWe are now inviting members of the Castlemaine Rocky Riders to apply for a scholarship to the 2 Wheel Academy for 2020/21. An application form can be found on our website. Applications will close on 30 April with a selection process to follow.

nIf you need further details about the 2 Wheel Academy or the scholarship process please check out the Academy website or contact Frank Forster, Communications Officer on 0414 410 411.