Rider Profile – Sam Krajnik

NameSamuel Krajnik

ProfessionRoof tiler soon to be pro rider in XC

Uphill or Downhill? Both! must have disciplines in each to be the best

When did you start riding mountain bikes?
I started riding mountain bikes 1 year and 6 months ago and have seriously come very far from just a casual roadie rider. Its all in the moment and the thrill of the ride.

Who/what inspired you to begin riding?
My friend Geoff sent me a few clips one day and next day I purchased a Giant Talon (destroyed it in 6 months).

Most epic day on a bike?
My most epic day would have to be Bright – Mystic Mountain. The second mtb I owned was a downhill! All I could do was just go for broke and let loose. On every jump I just got higher. The trails had me hooked, all in my first 6 months of riding. I was doing in months what takes most people years. The thrill of being in the air and seeing how hardcore one can go is the first moment a person knows who they are and where they were meant to be in life. Riding is more than just a love; it is my passion and is in me physically to a point I look at any mountain and I see where we are meant to be.
But the best day of my life to the point of super epic was meeting a man named Ian de Kam, a fellow member of the Castlemaine Rocky Riders (rider profile September 2019). He took me for a spin out there as I just decided to ask him to show me around and ever since I’ve been riding the Castlemaine trails!! I fell in love with how hard you can push your self mentally and physically. I was doing things I thought I couldn’t and dropping the gnarliest loose trails so fast and swiftly on my BH Lynx bike. Wow what a day that was!!

I’m currently riding…
a BH Lynx 2014/ Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 10/ Giant XTC Advanced 2018/ and GT Avalanche Expert.

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine)
– Favourite would have to be one in Harcourt – Track 8 – risky, gnarly, insanely loose and still scares me every time I drop in! A few more as well but too many to mention.

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be…
a very sad man! I’m glad I am; I wouldn’t be in a good place, maybe not even here alive today, honestly.

One day I’ll ride…
BC bike race and trails in Canada – Squamish etc.

When I head out for a ride I never leave without…
food! water! pump ! tube! multitool

My race highlight? H
arcourt and Castlemaine! XC 3rd place!!!!!!!!!! And 3rd place overall! Wow; never thought i could be such a beast.