World MTB Ride Day

Sunday 9 Dec 2018 has been designated inaugural World MTB Ride Day! This idea has been floated by Mic and Michelle Longhurst, hosts of the popular We Ride Mountain Bikes page on Facebook. This group connects MTBers in 100 countries around the world. They are encouraging riders to celebrate and spread the love of mountain biking by posting photos to the page of you and your old and new ride buddies riding on that day, with the hashtag #WorldMTBRideDay.

To join in the celebrations we will host a special World MTB Ride Day at the Baco trails in the Walmer State Forest. The Baco trails offer a great variety of singletrack with plenty of typical Rocky Riders terrain. This will be a social ride for all levels to cater for maximum participation.

Meet at the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens (opposite The Mill complex in Walker Street) at 9am for a social-paced ride of 15-20 kms.