Social Ride Sunday 15 April

The April Social Ride will showcase the most recent and awesome addition to our riding options in central Victoria with a tour of the trails at La Larr Ba Gauwa Park.

We’ll roll out as a group from the Goldfields Track café in Harcourt Central at 9am sharp (get in early if you want a pre ride cuppa) along the off road path to the La Larr Ba Gauwa main trail shelter. Depending on numbers, we will likely split from here into two groups, with one tackling the northern trails (berms and more berms), and the other the southern blue trails (rock features and more rock features) before returning to the shelter, and heading to the other side of the park for those keen for more.

Expect up to 3 hours of riding (20 – 30 km), with intermediate to advanced skills and fitness required. A reminder there is no drinking water at the park, so bring enough food, water and spares to see you through.

Optional Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) day licences will be available for purchase on the day ($10).