Rider Profile – Michael Scott

Name – Michael Scott

Profession – Intergalactic space traveller with P.L.H

Uphill or Downhill? Equally bad at both. If I had to choose… uphill.

Most epic day on a bike? Riding (and walking :)) over a mountain pass connecting north and south Spain (Puerto de Pajeres). I was on a touring adventure and had to climb from the coast up over the mountains and down onto the plains. I felt like if I fell off, I’d roll down the mountain for kilometres and end up at the bottom of the ocean.

I’m currently riding… a Cannondale Trigger

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine) – yet to explore many others. I liked the You Yangs and went to Forest for the first time a few months back. I think we’re pretty spoiled around here. So many great trails. Thanks to all the hard working trail fairies.

If I wasn’t mountain biking I’d be … seeking out the fourth dimension, writing old man letters complaining to various companies/government departments, gardening or fantasising about having super powers.

One day I’ll ride … all the way up the stairs of death, no walking, no dabs, nice and smooth.

When I head out for a ride I never leave without … assorted snacks in a paper mushroom bag and a walkman/ mp3 player with inspirational, high octane music.

My race highlight? Coming second in a MTB race in Mildura. Yep, I hear ya, Mildura is very flat. I think it was the first official MTBA affiliated race in Mildura ever, it was held in the dunes by the river, the one place there is a hill or two (two feet hight) hahaha. There were 10 people in the race. Or… in a previous life racing myself to catch the train to get to work on time.

What is in your backpack? nothing that revealing, stock standard gear. Pump, tools, rain jacket, snacks, water, music and a pet Wonga cat.