Interwinter Series Round 4 – changed date and venue

The 4th and final round of the 2017 has had to have a venue and date change. It was unfortunate that the VOGA club was unable to obtain a permit for their round of the series which threw it all back the drawing board.

With the tight times a venue that was 100% on private land and would not required a permit was required and thus through a process of best case the Mt Avoca Winery race course was chosen. This venue has a great history with Mountain Bike racing and this round will be nothing short of great.

Avoca is about a 2hr Drive from Melbourne and less than 1hr drive from Bendigo, Ballarat and Castlemaine so a perfect central location for the final round.

The round will be held as a traditional XC format and similar to the summer State XC rounds we will split into 2 race starts to ensure the track is not too crowded.

The date has been changed to Sunday August 6th. This was due to a clash with the schools racing competition and with such strong junior fields attending the series it was best that a new date was found also giving us 1 more week to get things moving on this venue change.

The final round will be a great battle location for the final series placing and trophies for both the round and the series will be handed out at the event.

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