Non Technical Rolling Ride

This ride (Sunday 14 May) is designed to provide scope for new mountain bike riders to develop their confidence, skills and fitness without requiring high level technical abilities.


The first part will take in 20kms (thus giving people who had enough after 20k to return to Castlemaine); the rest will do another 10kms, so the total for the day will be 30kms, approximately a 3 hour ride. We shall leave the Botanic Gardens at 9am, go up Daws Road, and then head southwards to take in some of the flowing/winding Green Loop, then along the Castlemaine-Maldon Trail to do the Ladies Lounge loop, then back along the Castlemaine-Maldon Trail to Daws Road (the 20kms), Those wishing to can return to Castlemaine at this point, while others can choose to do a further 10kms, taking in some of the classic Clover Leaf circuit (total 30kms). The last 10kms will be a bit more hilly and thus a wee bit harder. Overall nothing very technical, primarily a ride to build up fitness.


The route is not very hilly, and includes some nice down hill track, almost rock free, but probably best done on a mountain bike. The pace will be leisurely, around 10 kms an hour, but will require fitness. Suitable for those used to riding 20 to 30kms on solid surfaces.


All riders must be self-sufficient with food, water and spares. MTBA membership is required. Day permits available for non-members $10.