David Bannear – rider profile

Name: David Bannear

Profession: Archaeologist

Uphill or Downhill: More an endurance cross country rider, I am. When riding with younger people I prefer uphill as I can usually keep up, I tend to lose ground on the down hill, alas

Most epic day on a bike: Riding the Queen Charlotte Track, south island, of New Zealand. Along with Big Cole and Bigger Mat we rode it in a day. Compounding the problem of the very very steep climbs, were Guinness-related hangovers and misty rain. We did meet a couple of NZ hunters, who were armed with what looked like a cannon. They were surrounded by hunting dogs, but despite the cannon, said they liked stibbing (stabbing) their prey. Big Col saved the day, but that was his epic and story to tell.

I’m currently riding: A Giant 27.5 Trance which I really think is a great bike and would like to publically thank Mat Shears for recommending the purchase!

Favourite trails (other than Castlemaine): Lake Taupo trails, north island, New Zealand. Good flow and roller coaster-like. And there is always the lake for a cold swim, and its really cold

If I wasn’t mountain biking: I’d be gardening or drinking beer or minding my grand daughter

One day I’ll ride: all the mountain bike trails in central Victoria and drink at all the pubs that have craft beers

When I head out for a ride I never leave without: my designer-label cleat-less shoes (as recommended by Big Col) and also my bike

My race highlight? Prefer racing against myself, my highlight is always when a ride is a quicker time than previous rides. Its getting harder!