Social ride Ararat

Eight Rocky Riders ventured down the Pyrenees Highway to Ararat on Sunday 25 September to meet up with a similar sized group of Ararat Dirt Riders for an introduction to the developing network of singletrack on One Tree Hill. A small group from the Ararat club have been steadily constructing this network over the past three years and are hopeful of having the trails formally recognised by Parks Victoria within the near future.

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Recent heavy rainfall in the area had impacted some of the trails with a few sections closed off for repair work. Our hosts from Ararat still managed to provide a 25km grand tour of the trail network featuring a range of gully descents, switchbacks, mullock heaps and well constructed berms, with a few technical features thrown in for good measure.


Over the course of the morning we experienced the delights of Sidewinder, Kangaroo Gully, Boulder Dash, Switcheroo, Brushtails, and Duck and Weave … to mention just a few. A venture to the northern end of the park also provided a series of mud challenges for those wanting to practice their cyclo-cross skills.


The opportunity to experience a whole network of new trails, along with the very warm welcome provided by the Ararat Dirt Riders, made for a very pleasant social ride. The face-to-face contact with the Ararat club should provide opportunities for future collaboration … and you can expect to see their members out on our tracks anytime soon.